Organizations face multiple challenges in security analytics due to:

Complex security controls and tools:
Security technologies can be extremely complex, making it difficult for you to measure and analyze your process and people controls.

Multiple compliance requirements:
Regulations, best practices, client, and vendor agreements are specific to organizations, along with changing risk metrics and baselines.

Distributed risk mitigation responsibilities:
Executives need business-level views while technologists require something more in depth. Your stakeholders thus view risk metrics based on their function.

Inadequate static definitions in business:
Security is now a business parameter and the acceptable level of risk is subject to changing trends. Hence, you need a solution with enhanced flexibility.

If you are looking for that perfect solution to solve these problems, Security Analytics and Visualization Platform (SAVP) is your answer.

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Security Analytics and Visualization Platform (SAVP) is a smart, swift, and customizable solution to view your organization’s state of security. It not only helps you swiftly detect and mitigate threats, but also allows you to set parameters according to your unique business needs and those of your stakeholders. This makes SAVP a one-of-a-kind security solution in the industry.

With SAVP, you get a high level of customization for visualization, workflow definitions, and more. Its flexibility and adaptability at a reasonable cost of ownership makes the platform the go-to choice for multiple security-related issues such as client assurance, product security, and product enhancement.

SAVP’s roadmap is robust, and is the result of continuous incorporation of client feedback. It offers easy product licensing that includes:

  • One-time perpetual license based on a number of controls
  • Integration and customization services
  • Annual support

Connect with an SAVP expert today and get that vital view into your organization’s state of security.

SAVP is capable of consolidating information from all data sources. It allows you to define your own normal and compare collated information. You can also create an unlimited number of widgets for varied and relevant visualization.

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    possibilities unlimited
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    Apps Integrated

    possibilities unlimited
  • 200 K

    Incidents Analyzed

    …and counting


SAVP enables your organization to provide relevant information to your clients that is specific to the current control environment and business agreements, thus enhancing client assurance.

  • Customized client experience
  • Define the normal for each client
  • Simple parser integration with controls
  • Multi-client support
  • Custom views for internal SBUs

The SAVP platform enables you to effectively operate your vulnerability management program, including vulnerability information management, metrics tracking, and remediation workflow.

  • Consolidate vulnerabilities from multiple sources and tools
  • Analysis & reporting of important VM metrics
  • Virtualized instances for clients, vendors, business units, or locations
  • End-to-end workflow for vulnerability remediation
  • Multi-role support

SAVP lets your organization automate its entire third party assurance process and provides detailed visibility to your business units and vendors. This leads to simplified third party assurance and minimization of risk.

  • Automate vendor risk management process
  • Customized work-flow to track vulnerabilities
  • Compliance dashboards for each vendor
  • Measure vendor risk for each business unit
  • One system to track all evidences

SAVP allows you to interface with your users, clients, security researchers, and industry for a two-way interaction on product security.

  • Managed vulnerability database for products & related technologies
  • Multi-channel interface to stakeholders
  • Workflow for internal product teams
  • Product security metrics management & reporting
  • Customization as per company standards

SAVP enhances your security products and solutions by adding customized analytics and visualization capabilities through a widget orchestrator.

  • Interface with available product API’s
  • API caching for enhanced performance
  • Customization visualizations using the widget orchestrator
  • Multi-client, multi-user support
  • Enhance client experience

SAVP enables organizations to effectively manage their Data Leakage Risks by maintaining a repository of sensitive data, risk vectors, automating recertification by data custodians and managing incidents.

  • Identify & categorize sensitive data
  • Recertify sensitive data
  • Workflow, user access, notifications & reports
  • Manage leakage incidents

SAVP’s smart, swift, and customizable nature unlocks a whole new world of possibilities. So when it comes to your product security there’s nothing this tailored platform cannot do. Explore SAVP and get your targeted, specific needs catered to today!

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